Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Brinley talk

The other day my little Brin was just talking away while we were swinging an empty swing to each other (I don't know why she likes to do that, but she does so I play along) but I didn't really know what she was saying. She was speaking confidently though so I started listening very carefully and asked her what she was talking about. She was saying "just one job for the rest of your life? That's a big decision" a quote from Bee Movie!! I cracked up and decided I should listen to her more often and decided to write down some of the things she says throughout a day. Of course they are much cuter in her raspy voice, but here they are...

First thing in the morning when I walk up to her crib "I draw you a picture!" she anounces holding up her mini magna doodle. She wakes up the happiest little girl ever - I love that!

She likes the word "magic", so anything she thinks is neat (like making an imprint in play-doh) is "magic" to her.

At breakfast "I like moatmeal in my mouf" translation ...I like oatmeal in my mouth.

After getting a reece's mini cup as a potty treat, she calls it a "pie".

While washing her hands "I like waters on my hand".

While swinging "high" in the big swing "wooho, I'm a cowboy!"

And last, after cleaning up a potty "miss", before putting on fresh panties, she runs around with a naked bottom telling her brother "bobo coming at you".

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Lindy said...

Your children are hilarious! I seriously just laughed outloud while reading those....

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