Friday, August 1, 2008

Oh, No - she's growing up!

My little girl is potty training, climbing out of her crib (late bloomer, i know) and today she asked me to paint her toenails! That was such a fun moment...but am I ready for this? Well, I'm definitely ready for the potty training which is going pretty well. She's reluctant to go #2 for some reason but I figure she's just not comfortable with that yet. As long as I remind her to take a potty break, her panties stay dry and even her diaper was dry when we made a trip to the mall the other day (i wasn't willing to chance a accident there). And she likes to do it all herself. She pulls up the stool to turn on the light, pulls down her panties, dumps it into the big potty and flushes! Sooo different from my son, who still acts like he needs help. A couple of days ago, I heard a knock and I thought "is she banging on the wall?" (which would be very odd for her) but nope - I went to her room and she was out of her crib and knocking patiently on the door to be let out of her room. I guess Ben's lessons finally paid off - he's been trying to teach her to climb out for awhile now. So tomorrow we are putting up the toddler bed and she says she wants it but I'm not so sure...what if she stops sleeping so well? Will we have 2 kids climbing into our bed now? I don't know if I'm ready but I guess I can't stop her, can I?

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Allison said...

Oh, I can't believe she's finally climbing out of the crib! But YAY on the potty training!

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