Thursday, November 20, 2008

Never a dull moment

We can't let things get too boring around here now that's everyone's better. Our routines are returning to normal- gym class, naps, school, making dinner for the first time in a couple of days....then I heard Ben scream.

Apparently he walked right into the corner of the granite counter! He wasn't playing or running, just walking through the kitchen.

I called Bryce thinking he might need a stitch or two but it wasn't so bad after we cleaned the blood up- small & a little deep. He even managed a smile for the picture...

He felt better after a butterfly bandage & some motrin because he did NOT want stitches. I wanted to hold it together so it wouldn't scar but Bryce says it will anyway so I guess he'll have a scar to match the other eye.
Then Dr. Daddy patched it up a lot prettier when he got home.

All is well again : )

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