Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Catch up

Hello, Wednesday!
I got sick then Brinley got sick so we've been out of sync a couple of days. Time to play catch up....unfortunately my pictures from the weekend aren't terribly exciting but this is what we did.
Friday night's puppet show - Goldilocks & the 3 Bears.
Sadly, I could have had cute pictures from Saturday but, mommy didn't have her camera with her!!! We were at Barnes & Noble when Clifford showed up at story time - the kids loved it.
We also went to see Madagascar Saturday afternoon since it was too cold to do anything outdoors.
Sunday we cleaned house! Pathetic, but yes I need my husband's help if I want it done in one day.
Then we took a family walk on the "country road" which is more a construction site these days. This is about the time I started to not feel well.
Bryce found some entertainment....

Ben would slide down the side of the hill yelling "help" like something was pulling him - such a jokester. It was all fun until he found a dead rat!!!
That was enough "fun" for us and we headed home. Maybe we should just take the kids to the park next time?

Ben wanted to roll the spool all the way home ...
but we couldn't let him.
We get home, I started dinner...the weekend is winding down and this is where my misery begins. I felt bad, Bryce finished dinner then I felt better and started to make Crunchy Pecan Pie Bites (like little pecan pies....yummy, if you want the recipe) but I got hot & started to feel bad again. This time I went to bed - I thought it was just some pregnancy related nausea, but it got much worse.
The sad part is the next day Brinley got really sick too : ( and my husband had to stay home from work and be doctor to us.
He was great and even finished all the dishes & laundry. He's such a better housekeeper than I am and now the pressure is on because I have to make sure it stays that way!
We are better now and unlike the last time when I was sick (almost 3 years ago and 7 months pregnant!) I did not have to go to the hospital. The boys are well, so far so we're crossing our fingers that's the end of it. I'm glad it hit before Thanksgiving...and I'm so mental, I'm wondering hmm, will this slow down my weight gain??
Probably not.

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Jennifer said...

Glad you're on the mend...and didn't have to take a trip to the hospital. YUK

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