Friday, November 14, 2008

Fall Festival/Bedlam Bash

Last night was the Fall Festival/Bedlam Bash at Ben's school. It took me like a week to figure out the fall festival was the same event as the bedlam bash since the papers sent home from school used both terms. Then I noticed they use that word a lot around here - Bedlam bash, bedlam day, bedlam I looked it up and it was actually the nickname for the first mental hospital! So it's synonymous with madness ... yes, little kids are crazy but I was still confused. I then found out the Bedlam series refers to the athletic rivalry between OU & OSU (both in the Big 12), which I will agree is madness. Apparently this is what Oklahoma is about this time of year since they play after Thanksgiving.
Just a little info for anyone else who was also wondering. My husband is probably shaking his head in embarrassment : )
Okay, onto to the Bedlam Bash pictures... Balloon art - an older girl gave Ben her "hat" because it was messing up her hair!
Crazy hopping, dancing Brin and her "dog". By the way Tam, the balloon clown totally gave me the creeps and he touched my daughter!!!

Ben showing Brinley how to find candy in the hay. All we (Bryce & I) were thinking was that we would hate to have this "game" in our room!

Ring Toss and Ben did not want his dad to hold his twizzler (for fear he would throw it away?) so he held it in his mouth - lol.

Getting a motorcycle tattoo. This was pre-k's booth. And no, I didn't volunteer to work - yep, bad mommy.

Okay, I know there's a big black screen in front of her but you can still see her expression : ) Long live bounce houses - I need one at home!
The kids loved it all and had a blast!

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Allison said...

Don't worry - I lived in OK for a couple of years before I learned about the "bedlam" stuff. It's super crazy - you're either for OU or OSU. I once wore some light orange Uggs boots out once and people kept asking me if I was an OSU fan because of them! OK and anyway, I would hate to have that hay game in my room. What a pain to clean up!

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