Friday, November 21, 2008

"Have you been good?"

This is the question I told my kids Santa would ask them and so I inquired as to what they would tell him...

Brinley said: "thank you" (we're reading 'Minding Your Manners' a lot lately so she defaulted -lol) She obviously need clarification so I asked again and she said "I don't know", probably true- it's hard to remember a whole year's worth of behavior at her age.
But when asked if she wanted presents - her answer was yes : ) and she wants a reindeer!

Ben said: "no, I was out of control (my exact words! so he does listen!) at Michael's the other day". Truth is, although he ignored me when I said to put the nutcracker "soldiers" up, he was pretty good. It was Brinley who bit the head off 2 chocolate Santas!!
So I had to ask him about presents and he said he would still be happy without presents. "Even if Brinley has some?" I asked. Yes, he would be happy for her!
I gotta get my sweet boy some presents!! And maybe a little stuffed reindeer for Brinley...

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