Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Okay, moms (and others)- I'm looking for advice. I can't seem to shower and get ready without a disaster occurring.
The other day Ben appears in the bathroom and announces "I'm a cheetah!" with Brinley right behind him saying "I'm a cheeto!"
Luckily they were dry erase markers and the spots were fairly easy to remove.
That same night while making dinner, Ben cries "help" and I have to rescue him from a rabid inflatable ring. This was just funny : )

Today I let Ben play in the bath while I am putting on makeup and Brinley has a little tea party in her room. All is under control until it's time for Ben to get out and before I can finish...disaster strikes again.
Ben introduces water to Brinley's tea party and runs to me and wants me to look. He was so excited like he wasn't going to get in trouble!
This is the wall...

and the ceiling...
And of course the carpet ...was...soaked!
He apologized of course but here's my question...
What do you do with your kids while you shower and get ready???
And please don't tell me you get up before them because I'm not getting up at 5am!

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Allison said...

Obviously I'm not help right now, but I've been wondering the same thing. Jenna currently goes in the pack and play in our room (not her favorite idea of fun usually) but what do I do when she outgrows it? I'm not sure if she'll be one I can trust alone. And surely, your kids don't get up that early do they?

Lindy said...

That is just way too funny!!!!


Would it be an idea to put them for the tv to watch their favorite video or tv show .. and keep it a treat while you are getting ready ..... so no more tv during the day or maybe only when you are getting diner or supper ready ...

Christy said... DD is 3. We let her watch TV in my bedroom while I shower in the adjacent bathroom.

Or I shower while she naps.

Sometimes I put her in the bathtub while I get in a shower. We have a tub and shower, so I can take a shower while supervising her bath.

Then there are days when I don't trust her a bit, so I either put her in the shower with me...or I don't shower.

It was so much easier when I could put her saucer in the bathroom while I got ready! I kind of miss those days!

John Michael said...

OK, I really can't add much to the question...but I just got to say that the pictures are just wayyyyyyy to funny! LOL!

Jennifer said...

I read this twice and laughed harder each time. The pictures are awesome...and picture your day perfectly. That's priceless.

Here's my advice - late but still available: I just don't shower. If I'm lucky enough to get a shower it's when my husband is home (before he goes to work) or when the kids are napping (still lucky to have two that nap at the same time).
It's called polish bath girlfriend.

Suzanne said...

That's funny! I close all doors and turn on the DVR to a fav TV show. And take the fastest showers.

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