Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Zoo

It was "free day' at the zoo so we thought we would take advantage and check it out. Ben was prepared to explore with his Diego backpack and map. He actually carried it much longer than I thought he would. When we entered the large cat area, we were on a quiet path surrounded by tall bamboo when the kids were startled by this tiger statue.
They thought it was real but of course had to climb on it when they figured out it wasn't.

Here they are quietly creeping down the next path watching for tigers!

We arrived at the jaguar (one of Brinley's favorites - she has 3 Diego jaguars she plays with) just in time to watch him eat lunch.
They really enjoyed the giraffes ...

(Here they are nuzzling, couldn't resist taking this pic.)

but they were super friendly so the kids got to see them close-up. Which is actually kind of sad, because I'm not sure they've ever been free.

And after we had seen just about everything they decided to play in the leaves.

The weather was great, the kids were great -
We had a really great day : )

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