Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My poor scarecrow

My husband decided that time had expired for Mr. Scarecrow and took it upon himself to toss him inside after his run yesterday! I was shocked when I saw him and every time I passed him I told Bryce "go put my scarecrow back up!" but alas, he is still in pieces in the walkway. And since a post would not be complete without my kids...
Here's a few pics of their super bubbly bath last night.

Ben was putting bubbles on her head, this look says it all.

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Jennifer said...

That's a super-dooper bubble bath for two. You're a cool mom.
I've been told not to do that in fear that the bubbles (or "something in the bubble bath" bacteria?) will easily cause a UTI for little girls. So - Chloe has YET to have a bubble bath. Poor little thing. Read about it - it's true - not to scare ya or be a killjoy - just want to share. :)

Allison said...

But hey, if she gets a UTI, at least you can probably get a prescription easy!!! LOL.:) The bath looks like a ton of fun and I think the scarecrow can stay until the end of November at least!

Cindi said...

I know about the UTI's that why I rarely take a bubble bath myself but this bath was courtesy of Doctor Daddy, haha.

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