Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thanks for the advice!

And even for those who just wanted to tell me how crazy & funny my kids are - trust me, I know! I will save their new video for shower time (I usually save them for road trips) and station them in my room nearby so they don't have too much freedom. It actually helps if they are separated but that's hard to do. And although I'm trying to get them off having candy daily, I can put that Halloween candy to use as "rewards". And of course there's good 'ole threatening them with their lives, haha.
It was easier when I could put them in a swing or bouncer and I guess I'll be doing that again soon enough. I will also try to remember they will only be this age once and one day they will be wanting to sleep until noon instead of being up at 6 am : )
And, of course, I won't allow it : 0

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