Monday, November 3, 2008


Sunday afternoon we thought it would be nice to check out Arcadia Lake just outside of town since we didn't venture out there last summer. (I guess the thought of going to a lake after living near the ocean wasn't too appealing...but now we're getting desperate, haha)
We started out on the playground.

Then ventured to the "beach"- Brinley obviously thought she was back at a real beach and stripped down!
They miss it.

Some rock throwing...

Just up Route 66 is the famous "Round Barn of Arcadia" built in 1898. I spotted it on my way to Tulsa a couple weeks ago and thought it would be fun to stop.

The top story - the old man downstairs said you can whisper on one side and it could be heard loud & clear on the other.

Brin hopping her way back to the car, as a frog this time instead of a "hopperoo" which I guess is her version of a kangaroo.

Then we got a pizza and went home to eat it out on the patio to finish up our exciting weekend!

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