Friday, May 29, 2009

It runs in the family

Brinley has a thing for stickers - this includes band aids & clothing stickers... anything that sticks, she's not too picky.

At Old Navy she hijacked a sticker off a tee.

In the dressing room she announced "I gave Bo a sticker!"

Funny girl :)

But this is the funniest part:

Back when she was just a little younger than Bowen is now, Ben stuck tape across her face.

Of course I have the picture!

I'll give you a second to digest that this is Brinley...

And she was just as good natured about it as Bowen..

it must run in the family.

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Jessi said...

That's cute! Josiah never gave Laney any stickers but he did give her a couple of pen tattoos when she couldn't defend herself.

You're right, it did take me a minute to digest that the second picture is her hair certainly changed!

PS. Luv NKOTB...good song addition.

Alexandra said...

How silly! Oh the things kids do!

Allison said...

Too cute!

So, when did her hair get blonde?

Jennifer said...

At least it wasn't one of those sanitary panty liner stickers from the bottoms of a bathing suit!

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