Friday, May 29, 2009

Locked Out

I lost my keys about 2 weeks ago...truly "long gone" lost. I caved in and got a new key chain but hadn't borrowed Bryce's house key to duplicate it yet...AND before we left for Texas I got in the car with the garage door unlocked then went back in for something and thought better lock it.

My point's totally my fault we were locked out when we came back home on Memorial Day.

Thanks to all of your who answered the poll because I feel completely justified telling my husband he was a maniac for c) kicking in the door - which only one person chose and I think that was him, lol.

Seriously, who would kick in a door?

We went to Home Depot the next day to get keys made and I warned Ben "please do NOT tell them Daddy kicked in the door"...he smiled mischievously and said "I am, I am" LOL.

He didn't :)

And I can only joke in hindsight, at the time I was very upset.

So it turns out you can buy a door for as little as $19...who would've thought?

That's cheaper than a locksmith!

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Dion said...

What a manly man you have there! Kicking in the door, LOL!

--Leann-- said...

It's nice to know that my husband is not alone.

He locked himself out of our house while I was away on a trip with the kids. Instead of doing something sensible, he kicked in the door. Now there is a dent in our front door, and it looks like someone broke into the house with force. I suppose, it is because they did.

If it had been me, I'd have walked 1 mile to Walgreens, called a locksmith and waited.

But then again... This is also the man who managed to lock his keys in his car with the car running... *sigh*

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