Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My crazy girl

She has been in rare form lately!
I think it's something about her age...she knows just enough to be dangerous (0r hilarious).
3..2..1...Blast off!

She calls this her "space suit". This is how she dresses to go out to play...

well, until I stop her anyway.

Notice her camo band aid??
Her band aid habit continues...I got camo for Ben thinking she wouldn't want them but since he said they were "cool" she also liked them and used that whole box, too.

In the car she and Bowen face each other.
Here is the danger in that:

"He looks like a fish" she said.
I turn around to find her squeezing his cheeks together to give him fish lips! He was not happy.

Another time she stretched her foot over to him and said...
"Smell it, smell take it! That's for you Bowen"
Don't mess with the Brinley!

One night while getting dressed for bed she was saying "don't do me like that. Don't do me like that" took us a minute to realize she was singing the Tom Petty song :)

Another night she said "if you shake your arms like this...coconuts will fall out of your bones" - lol.

And one of her new favorite sayings, besides "you're freaking me out" is "my tummy is doing the cha-cha for ice cream"
(or whatever treat she's begging for - lol)

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April said...

She is too cute and funny..I crack up at the things Maribel comes out with, but I can say I hope the band-aid obsession is over soon, they must think I am nuts every week going to the store for a new box of band-aids..HA!!

Lindy said...

The Smell it thing was hilarious!!

Trisha said...

She sounds like a feisty, fun little girl to be around!

Dion said...

She sounds like a blast! A real spit fire!

We have that same pull up bar.

Melisa said...

I started singing Tom Petty when I first read that, so I'm glad I wasn't crazy for making the leap before you said it was a song.

Jennifer said...

That's a cool photo of Brinley.
I had to look at it closely to figure it out! She's a cutie pie.

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