Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Love Lessons

Sitting in church on Mother's day we were listening to the minister speak of mothers (of course) and how often it's mothers, by example, that lead their children to the Lord ....he asked "After all it is from our mothers that we first learn about unconditional love, right?"
Ben shook his head no, then looks up at me and asks "did you teach me that?"
He must think I left out that lesson when we were learning our ABC's and colors ; )

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April said...

HA!! Too funny, that made my morning!!

Robertson's said...

That made my lips crack a smile!

Dion said...

What? You mean he doesn't appreciate every unconditional action you do for him. Your selfless love is not appreciated by your preschooler?

Ungrateful little begger!

Jen said...

Too funny and too cute! I love the innocent words that come out of kid's mouths! You either laugh or cringe!

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