Thursday, May 21, 2009

Soccer is over

Last week Ben's soccer team had an end-of-the-season ice cream sundae party after practice. They haven't had a game in weeks due to the rain and even their make-up game was rained out :(
(These were taken with my phone, so the are a bit fuzzy.) Love the chocolate dripping down Ben's chin onto his chest, lol.
Of course Miss Brin had her some ice cream, too.

The boys were awarded their medals...
and showed off their muscles.

Ben was the first to lose his shirt during practice (not surprising) but then the other boys followed, lol.

Yay, Ben!
We're so proud of you and your awesome 1st season of soccer.

T-ball, Here we come!!

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Allison said...

Weird - I don't think my bloglines has been picking you up. So I'm not ignoring your blog! :)

Cute pics - I bet it's a fun time of the year for your kiddos (well mainly, Ben, I guess...)

have fun with tball!

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