Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wormy Dog Saloon Spring Jam

The Spring Jam was Saturday night, my sister and her roomie/friend (my friend, too) came up from Texas to join me : )
I was excited to see the Randy Rogers Band but Lindy isn't a big fan so she was there for the Eli Young Band, Audreia was just there for some fun, haha.

The music was great, the people watching was rich, the drink that they tried to pass off for a margarita was horrible....we're still trying to decide what is was. Aud described it best when she said it's what purple passion perfume would probable taste like, lol.

We were blocked in by a police car after the concert so we strolled Bricktown and went to Starbucks & sat on the patio, it was a wonderful night to be downtown...relaxing.

We have decided that our age group 30-35 is a lost group, the vast majority of the crowd was younger, a few older but NO others appeared to be our age.
Oh well, we were there for the even the drunk fools stumbling over us didn't bring us down too much. Note to Wormy Dog Saloon: maybe a concert in a parking lot with curbs isn't a good idea, LOL.

And I have to say now I am a fan of the Eli Young Band!!
So they are topping my playlist today - if you've never heard them before, listen up.

I love Texas Country!

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April said...

Sounds like you had a great time, too funny, drunks and sidewalks, not a good combination!! Ha!! Love the music!!!!

btw, thanks for the prayers for my cousin and her family, they need them right now, my heart hurts for them..

Lindy said...

We took a pic with your camera...where's it at?

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