Monday, May 4, 2009

The Triathlon

This weekend was Bryce's triathlon, okay technically a "mini-triathlon" but's a lot of work.
So we headed to Texas Saturday afternoon- Bryce picked up his packet at the race site then we headed to my sister's and waited out a storm before going to eat and heading to Bryce's parents house for the night.
Sunday morning came early - it started at 7 am and Bryce had to be there about an hour before. Anyway, me, the kids, Nece & Pawpaw went to watch and support Daddy :)
I'll warn you now - my pictures are not so great.
The race started with the swim. We were up in the bleachers watching...
"Hi Daddy!"

This is Bowen's "why am I waking up in the Mckinney High School Natatorium?" look - lol.

Ben being Ben.
It was a cold, misty morning so I know they were freezing as they ran out of the pool down to the "transition site" to hop on their bikes...

Bryce recruited Luke to do the triathlon with him.
Here's his wife Paige & son Turner with Bowen and Brinley...
You'll be seeing a lot more of them next month because we are going on vacation (to Florida- yay!) with them!!

Bryce got back from biking pretty quick and took off running...
Here he is approaching the final finish line!!
and with Ben afterwards.
With Luke after his finish...

And at this point we found out Bryce's error that caused him to forfeit ...they revamped the bike route and on a part of it the riders were supposed to make 2 loops...well, Bryce wasn't aware and only did one loop :(
So, needless to say... he's really disappointed he didn't get an official time - rookie mistake.
We're still really proud of him (and Luke!) -
but now he's hooked and planning on competing again!

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Mom to the 3rd Power said...

Good for Bryce! Oops on the bike run, but there is always next time!

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