Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving & beyond

We (of course) went to Texas for Thanksgiving but it was actually only our 2nd time in the past 6 years to be home for it - usually I'm cooking! So, I'm sure my husband was relieved we were able to go home, haha.
We ate lunch at my in-laws then went to my mom's later to visit.
The next day we joined the Black Friday madness - I had never done this before (well, not this early!) and wouldn't have but there was a big item on sale I couldn't pass up. So we were at Walmart at 5am and thanks to my sis who was there a little before me, I got what I came for.
Then we headed to Target, which opened at 6am and waited in line. Here's my sis and niece showing off our *free* chick fil-a breakfast that we got while waiting in mom refused (after being traumatized by Walmart - lol) and waited in the car. And here's the line we waited in - I had to take a pic because I haven't waited outside for a store to open since the old days when you had to wait in line for concert tickets!
I was gone a total of 13 hours (4:30am-5:30pm) shopping on Friday! And I was exhausted! So the rest of the weekend I didn't do much. Of course I had to stay up Saturday night to watch the Bedlam OU/OSU matchup and I ate plenty (which I may regret after tomorrow's OB appt.)

Here's a couple of pics of the kids playing in the tipi with Pawpaw...

They just love visiting! and hated to leave Sunday : (

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