Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ben's party

It must have been all the sugar because my kids were only giving silly faces.

Brinley eating (her 2nd, 3rd?) cake pop and making herself at home like she always does at Ben's school.
Me: "Ben, smile"
Him: "okay, mama - I'll wink at you" ;)

The pops were a hit because what kid wouldn't like an edible Rudolph? And, I'm not sure if I'm breaking a rule by bringing homemade food?? probably because I was the only mom who did :0

But the best part was Ben pointing them out to another kid & proudly saying "See? I told you!". That's why I made them : )

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Allison said...

yeah, didn't think about the homeade rule - you probably did - you rebel! Maybe you could say you bought them in a bakery in TX? :) OR you could just open up your own bakery?!!?

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