Thursday, December 4, 2008

Early Christmas

Ben's school has a "Holiday Shop" so the kids can do their Christmas shopping so I sent money for him to shop - partly because I thought he would have fun, partly because I was curious what he would pick.
He was so excited after shopping yesterday that we weren't even out of the parking lot before he gave Brinley & I our presents!
This is what I got...LOL - He must think I'm really handy ...but since he couldn't wait to use it, I think he just thought it would be fun to have. Either way, I love it!
He got Brinley this funny pen - perfect for her!

He was able to muster the patience to wait for Daddy to get home to open his present (although he did tell him what it was before he could get it open, haha -he must get that from Nece)'s hard to see but it's a pen that balances on a pyramid and of course Bryce loved it & took it to work today!

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Allison said...

Ah...we had the same thing at my school - the holiday shop! It brings back so many memories! The kids loved it and would stand there forever trying to decide what they should get and it was all junk, but it was neat for the kids!

Lindy said...

What a thoughtful litle boy you have.....

Lindy said...

Sorry, I can't spell today.....I meant little not litle

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