Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Christmas Present

Okay, you're probably already got your present??
But if you know my husband, he's not good at today he tells me "We've gotta go to the mall." Are you kidding? We found out he's not getting off work Tuesday or Wednesday like we originally thought so he informed me that doesn't leave him any time to shop for my present.
Oh, for me?? By all means...let's go to the mall!
We get there & split. He leaves his phone at home - not good because he's probably gonna need back up. He's already informed me "I have no idea what to get plan at all."
Now we've been together 16 years so I'm used to this and try to not be hurt but I gotta admit every year I'm a little amazed at his cluelessness.
We meet back up - he's empty handed so I take pity ...I say "okay, we can go to the Coach counter at Dillard's - they are having a sale. If I don't see anything there then I'll check the outlet when we go home (to Texas)."
His response "now we're on the same wave length"...he also informs me he didn't see any Coach at Dillards. See why I pity him?
We're browsing the case & he tells me he wanted to get something big enough to double as a diaper bag (I guess this proves he did have a clue?) I inform him those bags cost too much.
The sales lady informs us she has 1 diaper bag and it's 50% off!
Here it is...
Merry Christmas to me!
And that's how I got a designer diaper bag for my third baby and now I get to throw out the old stinky one I have from Old Navy : )

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