Sunday, December 14, 2008


Aunt Lindy came up Friday after work because she so nicely agreed to babysit the kids Saturday night so we could go to a Christmas party : )
So Saturday morning we went to see Santa and it did not go as I had hope...And Brinley was not the bratty one this time!!
See our family picture below?
Unfortunately, this is the Ben that showed up for Santa... He wouldn't even take a picture with us!
So, Brin was the only one who visited with Santa this year.
She was so sweet (although she wouldn't wear the adorable gymboree jacket sweater that matches her tights!) she talked to Santa and told him she wanted "toys" and has enjoyed coloring in the book he gave her.

Complete strike out on getting a picture of the kids together with Santa :(

I have one of Ben looking completely unamused at 5 months then him crying the next year and Brin crying the year after that (Ben wouldn't go near him) then last year only Ben because Brinley wouldn't go near him! LOL- We'll see how next year goes...

Here's Brin & Aunt Lin at lunch

And Ben having a better attitude & showing his new skateboard trick after we got home.

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Allison said...

Next year, you'll have a new kid that will scream at Santa so the tradition can live on!!!

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