Friday, December 5, 2008

Maytag Repair Woman

I noticed the dryer was taking a lot longer to get my clothes dry and remembered a bunch of lint falling off my lint trap back into the dryer...thinking this big ball of lint is caught somewhere, I asked my husband to take a look. (I had already tried the coat hanger method of getting it out but got nothing) His response was "call about the warranty".
Thanks, a lot. He could save my life but handy, he's not!
So after drying a load for the 2nd time today I thought I'm gonna have to check this out myself.
I was a little discouraged after pulling it out & realizing I was going to have to take off the entire back panel...and detach the lint shaft... But figured if a big, fat repairman can do it then I can do it with my big belly, too! LOL
And what did I use?
Yes, ma'am, my handy dandy new tool set!!
Maybe my son knows me better than I think?
And I did it while texting my sister about a new cookie recipe I tried last night :) feeling the baby kick & tending to 2 kids!

Unfortunately, my theory was wrong - no big lint ball blocking anything so I put it all back together & am drying a load right now as I type so at least I didn't break anything and have to call a man, haha : )

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Allison said...

You really are supermom, aren't you? :) And JM would have said the exact same thing. I'm the one that changes the lightbulbs around here!

Cindi said...

Nope, if I were super mom I would have looked good while doing it instead of wearing sweats, having dirty hair & no makeup -lol!

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