Monday, December 22, 2008


This afternoon I finally figured out how to start my cleaning cycle on my oven! This is exciting because I've been baking & smoking up the house because of the plastic residue left from the whole cake fiasco :0
But I wasn't prepared for the fumes and had to open a window in 20 degree weather, brrr! The kids begged me to close it but I couldn't so to take their minds off it all & poor Ben's upset tummy....
We painted.
My mom gave us these little wooden ornaments a while back - funny she always has stuff like that just lying around. It worked -good distraction & creative activity!
Turns out the only wood paint I have is all pastels - lol!
They loved it anyway.

Can you guess whom painted which one???

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Lindy said...

Ben looks too grown in that picture!!

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