Tuesday, December 16, 2008


This is what I was repeating when I opened the oven (that I had been preheating) to put in my homemade enchiladas and discovered that what that funny smell was... My cake holder melting with my Walnut Spice cake inside!
I often put goodies in the microwave, cabinets, oven to hide them from the kids (mainly Brinley) and I had totally forgotten about my cake!
So, because I can, I'll blame this on my tired "baby brain".
As if that weren't bad enough, I soon had a fire in my oven while the icing/plastic goo finished burning.

When I took the cake out (and the oven rack it was melted to) Ben asked "are we still going to eat that?"
"NOOO" I laughed, silly boy...but then since I had to pry it open because a perfectly good knife was inside & I was not going to throw that away, I thought "wonder what it tastes like now that the icing is totally melted"....so I tasted some. And it was delicious! Better! because it was drying out but that melted cream cheese icing made it moist & yummy!
So I took out some cake and saved it and the enchiladas were good too ;)

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Brook said...

Surprise!! Glad to know everything was still tasty:)

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