Wednesday, October 8, 2008

5 Nights!

Ben finally met his goal of sleeping all night, in his own bed, without getting up...for 5 nights in a row!! yeah! We set this goal almost a year ago and his reward was a gun (he had a rifle picked out at HEB in Corpus Christi that he looked at every time we bought groceries) since he really, really wanted one (and the idea didn't thrill me) the goal was 7 nights. Eventually it was reduced to 5 nights because I was thinking "is he ever gonna stay in his bed?" and if you recall he earned a transformer after 3 nights (baby steps). So we were at Toys r us waiting for the doors to open this morning : ) They didn't have traditional guns (very un-p.c. I'm guessing) so he picked these "space blasters" that connect to make a larger one because he wanted to be able to share with Brinley so they could play guns together -, i think.

Let's hope this streak continues...another 5 nights and he gets another prize.

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Jennifer said...

now, that is something to celebrate! yee - haw!!!

Lindy said...

Ben is growing up!! Staying in his bed for 5 nights...thats a record!

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