Friday, October 24, 2008

How they keep me laughing...

I keep a notepad handy so I can write down the crazy, sweet, funny, silly things my kids say - and they never disappoint!

"I like you big boobies, mommy"...what do I say to that?? um...thanks.
"Mmm...smells perfect" while painting her nails.
"Don't leave my friend" when dropping Ben off at school.
"I feel fuzzy" after spinning around.

"I was calling my crew" as he hangs up his toy phone after a conversation.
"I can jump high sky". Me: "you mean sky high?" Ben: "yes mommy high sky".
"Can I get in?" after he walks in on me in the bath tub...and before I can even ask for privacy or explain I'm trying to relax, he starts throwing in tub toys! Lol - like I'm gonna say "sure, hop in!"
(fyi - he doesn't leave and my bath is cut short).

"I've cleaned this room 3 times today!" when I walk through the door from the store and he's picking up toys on a day off from work, haha!

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Allison said...

They are so funny! Now only if JM could say the same about cleaning!

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