Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tulsa Excursion

Our friends, Allison & Jenna, from Corpus Christi (who also no longer live there) came to Oklahoma to visit! But they were staying in Tulsa and I didn't want to miss the opportunity to see them so despite having a busy day of baking, packing & cleaning for our "inspection"...we headed out to Tulsa.
We met at the mall for dinner and playtime... Jenna is a big girl, standing on her own now!
These kids don't sit still long. I had a couple of what could have been really cute shots but they were blurry - my camera is really acting up lately.

Ben took this one of Allison & I, not too bad for a 4 year old.
It was a short visit (I think we spent more time driving-lol) and my husband was not happy I kept the kids out late but it was really great to see them!

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Brenda said...

I was so glad that you got to make the trip to Tulsa to visit with Jenna and Allison. It looks like your children had a good time with her. They are cute! Its soo bad that your families don't' live closer so that you can see each other more often. Allison always has nice things to say about ya'll and misses seeing your family. I feel like I should know you...I'm Allison's aunt, Brenda. Take care!

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