Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Last night was filled with some pumpkin carving! For some reason Ben is pronouncing it "pumptins" so we just decided to go with it.

Here's Brinley positioning our freehand pattern...
They were so excited and all had to have a tool to work with.

This crazy eyed pic cracks me up...she was dancing around when I took this.

Getting to the good part...


Yucky hands!

Brinley definitely did not like it so of course daddy had to chase her with a handful, haha!

Ben "planting" seeds all around the yard in hopes of having pumpkins sprout up next year.

Brinley peaking inside...

The good and the bad.

We wish ya'll a safe & happy Halloween!

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Allison said...

Super cute pics! Looks like fun!!! (by the way have you seen those craft pumpkins you can carve and don't have to worry about the mess?) Anyway, also, I can tell yall are from Texas when you are wearing shorts and sweatshirts! :)

Jennifer said...

great pictures!
we're carving tonight.
I like your idea of "good" and "bad" pumpkin! Super cute.

Lindy said...

Brinley looks sooo serious while placing the pattern on the pumpkin. And of course Ben would love the mess...cute "pumptins".

See Ya Tommorrow!! =)

John Michael said...

I want to carve pumpkins, but Allie isn't very excited about doing it :(

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