Monday, October 27, 2008

Great weekend

Saturday we headed out for the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Tx for my nephew's 3rd birthday party. It's very kid oriented and even has an indoor waterpark! After getting settled in we headed down to the waterpark where unfortunately I had to don my swimsuit that I had brought "just in case". And since Brinley stayed mostly in the kiddie pool...I had to stay with her while all the boys went to other rides. At least I wasn't the most pregnant woman there! And I gotta say - for the record - it's not my belly that makes me self concious, it's all the other parts of me that fatten up that I want to hide...hello thighs! : 0

So after some swim time my crew was starving! and we began the birthday festivities. We opened presents then ate at Camp Critter (I think that's what it was called) a restaurant in the hotel.

Ben and Bryson always look forward to playing together and Ben was so excited he didn't even nap on the way to Texas! plus he loves hotels.

We went back to the room for cake. Here's the birthday boy, Braydon, blowing out the candles on his Spiderman cake (decorated by his dad, go Brandon!) although I think the kids had already started in on the cupcakes by now.

Spider Ben

Cupcake face - this one stained a little. Not sure if she ate it or just smeared it

Ben in the "wolf den" which is a separate room within the hotel room for the kids with bunk beds and video games. This place is all about the kids!

Bryce thought this was hilarious so he kept telling Brin to go stand by the t.v. but now I'm just wondering what the heck he was watching - a miniature speedboat crash??

Notice her still red mouth.

The kids went to bed a little later than usual and Brinley hasn't stayed in a hotel since she was a newborn AND she always sleeps alone so I wasn't sure how she would do...luckily they both fell asleep easily (after finally forcing them get into bed) and slept all night!

But Brin was up before 6 am saying "turn on the t.v." and I couldn't quiet her so we were all up. My only 2 "complaints" ( I use that lightly because we hardly paid for anything while we were there so maybe "warnings" is better) about the hotel was the over priced food, which is usual - but $8.95 for kids breakfast buffet! Come on, my kids do not eat nine dollars worth of food!! And (second warning) this buffet didn't open until 8am. We never sleep that late so I headed out to McDonalds and got breakfast. Even the Starbucks didn't open until 7am, which is late for any coffee shop, huh?
Okay, so Sunday we headed back down to swim and I didn't get any pictures of them actually swimming because I was also in the water. I thought this was neat - a giant bucket that fills with water and as it nears the top a bell starts to ring to warn you...
of this!!

It's also the reason Ben didn't want to play in the tree house - haha. He also wouldn't slide on the little slides in the baby pool, although Brinley did and he was hesitant to get into the lazy river...but see the blue/green tube below? He & Bryce went down it- go figure!

This red & yellow ride we called the toilet bowl (it starts and ends inside the building)- Bryce and his brother (the big boys) rode it, without the little boys thank goodness!

This is Ben refusing to be photgraphed as we're getting ready to leave Sunday...just a little tired & cranky.

We also had to vote, since we're both still registered in Texas, before we left the state!

And I urged all you to do the same!

We had a great time and now we are home recovering and re-energizing for Halloween and my Mom & Sis coming to visit - yeah!!

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Allison said...

We have a great wolf lodge here too! I keep telling JM that we need to go (without Jenna). I bet that was so much fun!!

Jennifer said...

that place is amazing...
cool birthday party

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