Monday, October 13, 2008

Mocha Blast, not me

Well, I was excited about my Mocha Blast nail polish because dark is the new trend but...I gotta take it off. My husband asked me if I was turning "goth" now and would I be wearing white powder on my face? I know, he's so sweet. But when Brinley tells me "mommy, you toes are black" (although she liked it) I realize it's a little too dark. I wasn't going for black, just a nice, rich mocha. I have a "plum intense" that's really pretty from last year I think I'll switch to...

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Jennifer said...

Goodness....dark isn't goth!
I'm soooo far from goth, it's not funny, and I'm wearing BLACK!
Wear it with pride, mama...and not because your hubby doesn't like it - but because you're just trying something new. NO HARM THERE! Express yourself - if not with the beautiful cakes you make, then with your nail polish coloe.

Cindi said...

Thanks Jennifer -maybe I'll wear it again...if i can still touch my toes to paint them - lol.

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