Friday, October 3, 2008

Out with the old, in with the cold

When Brinley comes shuffling into my room at 6 am and her little arms are cold, I realize it's time to take out the winter pajamas. So that's what we did all morning, go through the winter clothes from last year to see what still fits. And I get so proud of myself when I find the clearance deals I bought earlier this year that will now fit : ) I wasn't prepared for Ben's enthusiasm...he remembered this Gap fleece pull over and eagerly tried it on. Also his Gap camouflage hoodie (because "that's what soldiers wear"), and his football "jersey" he calls it - long sleeve tee with numbers which technically the sleeves are getting too short but he was so excited, he wore it all morning with a pair of "wind" pants (even though today's high is 80) so I guess we'll wear it another year.
Brinley loved trying on Ben's tool pj's that were in the "out with the old" pile but then she started to cry when she realized they were too big...
We also went through a few baby things and washed some to have ready. Yes, I know it's early but it's still exciting...even the 3rd time around!

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