Sunday, October 12, 2008

Football, Food & Fun

That sums up our weekend - lots of football, starting with the Texas - OU game on Saturday. Which is like the superbowl here - it's all I heard about at Target before the game..."are you watching the game?" "well, I guess all the chips are gone because of the game" and Little Caesars had a sign up stating they were open early Saturday for the game! it cracked me up. It seems everyone here is either affiliated with OU or OSU and they display their preference everywhere...clothes, house, cars, painted on the curb next to their house number!
We're no different though...Bryce works for OU but we're native Texans so Bryce was really excited about the game also and gave me his lunch request, in courses! I suggested BLTs and that was good but he also wanted a veggie tray, cheese & crackers, chips & dips (yes, more than 1 dip) then tomato basil soup to go with his sandwich and avacado followed up with a fruit tray with yogurt & graham crackers. So I delivered and he was thrilled - best lunch in long time were his words. I was happy...well, until later when he emerged from his office after about 2 hours of reading (I was bathing the kids & getting them ready for bed) and he asked "where's my dinner?"
Of course we watched more football Sunday (our Dallas Cowboys lost) and ate more food and Bryce keeps checking is fantasy football score. Ben is drawing out plays with x's and o's as I boys love football!

But we weren't potatos all weekend...the weather was great! We also went to a couple of parks (and I forgot my camera) and for morning family walks on the new road through a new edition of our neighborhood that Ben has nicknamed the "country road" because it's just empty field, no houses yet. Bryce got some workouts (and running) in and studied while I managed to make mint chocolate truffles (not sure they're worth the trouble) and start Brinley's Halloween pillowcase dress.
What did ya'll do? Did anyone else watch as much football as us?

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Lindy said...

I watched alot of football too. It's like a rule here in Texas to watch football, and if you dont you're a weirdo...haha

Jennifer said...

Sounds like you spent most of your weekend in the kitchen! U GO MAMA!
Tell your hubby to enjoy it while it lasts. When baby #3 comes around - there will be changes a-comin' - I'm sure! Truffles? WOW - I'm impressed.
Did you ever get the dump cake recipe? I posted it about a month ago. TRY IT

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