Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Break is over...

We're back home now and have a few days to recover from our busy weekend. I have lots of pictures!
We sometimes start out at Krispy Kreme before we head out of town. I'm not sure why we give them sugar then put them in a car for a few hours?? And Bryce is still amazed that they hand you a fresh, hot doughnut when you walk in, haha. I caught Ben doing...a dance maybe?...he was kinda wiggling along the wall here while eating his doughnut. We went to the homecoming parade and the kids caught lots of candy. I know - doughnuts then candy!!
Okay, I don't know this boy but I had to get a picture because this cracked me up - He was sitting in front of this drain trying to catch candy about half went down. Why he didn't just move a few feet to another spot I don't know...

Friday night Bryce went to the homecoming game. I stayed home so I could get the kids to bed after their busy day of travel & sugar.
Saturday morning I got a call from my sister that she was in the emergency room...She had broken out in hives early Friday, which I knew about and she was taking benadryl but after going to bed Friday night, it wasn't working and she woke up at 2 am much worse & swollen.
We still headed over to the pumpkin patch....

Daddy taught Brinley to chew on straw, Ben wanted no part of it!
We fed the goats, ate hot dogs, and climbed on pumpkins for pictures.

After a hayride, we headed over to a birthday party (we were late, oops) - it had a mickey mouse theme...

I then headed up to the ER to hang out with my sister who was now on IV benadryl & steroids because shots were not working. Then we headed home for naps. My mom and I went back to the hospital later after they admitted my sis and took her some food (she finally got the okay to have something besides clear liquids) and magazines. When we walked in the room I heard her telling the doctor how she needed to be out tomorrow for the concert - lol!
Sunday the kids and I visited my mom then had a big lunch with my husband's family. My sister was released Sunday, even though the swelling wasn't all gone but she had time to shower and nap before the concert. Here's our self portrait with the camera at arm's length...and I know, I seriously needed some lipstick!

I was starting to feel self-conscious about wanting to go to the NKOTB concert because I guess some people thought it was silly but I'm so glad we went - it was fun, and a great show! (still wonder what Jon & Danny's purpose in the group are...lol) And I felt better once I was there with tens of thousands of other fans my age AND I wasn't the only pregnant one there : ) My camera doesn't zoom anymore so I'll bore you with just one picture as proof I was there...
I got home at 1 am and was so exhausted as we headed out to our dental appointments the next morning. I didn't get pictures of that but you can imagine us sitting in chairs with our mouths open : 0
We then headed back to OK for a low key evening...only four days until we go back for...yes, another birthday party : )

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Jennifer said...

Ya baby - I was once (upon a long time ago) a huge fan of NKOTB! What a blast from the past!
Great pictures! Your daughter is so darn cute.

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