Friday, October 31, 2008


My little witch & Buzz.
I wanted to get pictures before we even started out trick or treating...but they were very antsy (and not very smiley)... wonder why. The best family shot I could get

Brinley had to have a lollipop before we left the house and it lasted nearly the whole time - it was blue.

Love this one! Ben, ecstatic, making his getaway...not walking but running.

Brinley with Momo & Aunt Lindy, who ended up carrying her at the end.

Ben fixated on a pixie stick- he had never seen one before.

Brinley was the only one who would pose for me on the porch afterward. Ben ran inside to take stock of his loot.

Evaluting what they got. Ben stripped down as soon as he could - I guess vinyl doesn't let you breathe much when you're running from house to house, haha.
Ben got more than Brin of course because she was pretty slow...she couldn't walk too fast because she had that blue lollipop to lick on, ya know.

This is the ton of candy I had left because we only had 2 groups of kids come. Actually I ended up getting rid of more popcorn balls later but still - what will I do with this candy?? Our new neighborhood turned out to be seriously disappointing tonight : (
Brinley went to bed pretty easily but wanted her pumpkin right beside her bed (midnight snack?) Ben was like Hammy from that movie Over the Hedge ... so hyper-running around, talking fast.
They had a great time. And oh my, the candy!

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John Michael said...

Your kids are awesome!!! I can't wait until Lil' J is big enough to really enjoy times like these :)
Tell 'El Capitan' that I say "Hi" and be sure to yell "2 to 1" at him...he will understand :)

Oh, and BTW

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