Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I saw this cookie puzzle at Target yesterday and thought it would be something fun for us to do since the weather turned foggy, cold & misty on us. I knew it would be a little too advanced for Brinley but it has large & small pieces so the whole family can help. We started on it before Daddy got home. Ben helped me get all the edge pieces separated.

Brinley only took it apart a couple of times - haha.
My plan was to work on it as a family after dinner and eat cookies (to go with the whole cookie theme) but this is what happened...
Kids start sneaking cookies before dinner, so I can't let them have any at puzzle time then Ben tells me "mommy, I love you so much forever and ever!" I say "oh, honey I love you forever, too" and then he asks "Know what I like best about loving you?" Well, this was a new question "what?" I ask. "The cookies!" he replies.
So after we are warm from our dinner of tortilla soup, Bryce suggests going for a walk. So for some crazy reason we go for a walk in the cold, foggy mist instead of working on the puzzle then come in and give the kids warm baths- so it's still on the table not much more put together than you see in the pics - lol!

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