Monday, September 22, 2008

Kids make you think you're crazy

Ben recently got new Bob the builder crocs, even though he's not a huge fan- they were the only navy blue pair I could find, so we went with them. He's had them less than 2 months and they get lost all the time. Not his red crocs or brown crocs...I can always find them but these Bob crocs disappear for about a week each time they're lost.
So, there it was - one Bob croc sitting by the hallway, mocking me because I could not find its' mate. After a couple of days, I set out on a serious search - under all beds, couches, in every closet, backyard, garage, etc. I checked it all then gave up and concluded it must have been left outside and carried away by an animal because there was no way it was in the house, right?? Well, as I'm doing laundry I get to the darks (okay I was a little behind and had a lot of laundry) and as I pick up a pair of Ben's pants...I feel something...could it be?? The missing Bob croc!
It has been tucked inside a pair of pants in the laundry all week. I did look in there, but not inside the pants :0 Of course I've advised Ben to take off his shoes then his pants but that's one too many steps for him. So I've decided I'm not crazy since it wasn't in an obvious place...but I nearly lost my mind looking for it. Another lesson learned : )

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