Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oh no!

Ben has been tired & crying at school every day this week and even went into the library to take a nap yesterday! I'm debating on whether to send him today. He can't get a morning nap because I have a doctor's appointment (and I don't think he would take one anyway). We've had a talk and I will see how the rest of the week goes but it looks like we may have to withdrawal him from school and I am heartbroken : (

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Allison said...

From a teacher's (ex obviously) standpoint, I wouldn't withdraw him. I had a couple of kids like that in the beginning. They were fine within a couple of weeks. I think it's just hard to get used it - especially for the little ones that this is all completely new to them. I think he'll be ok and I can also tell you that my kindergarteners who had pre-K were at much more of an advantage than those who did not have it. They had already learned so much - not only academically, but socially as well. Anyway, just my opinion. :)

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