Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Potty Time

I'm happy to say Brinley is completely potty trained! In honor of that, I'll share a story...
Today she's on the potty (going #2) so I sit on the tub and wait because she'll need my help to wipe and she says "Can you leave me privacy?" so I oblige and leave but sit outside the door. There is a frog puppet/washcloth hanging near the potty and this is what I hear...

(Brinley speaks as herself and as the frog)

"Hi Ribbit"

"I'm not ribbit, I'm Brinley"

"oh, hi Brinley. Nice to meet you"

"why you so crooked?"

"I'm not crooked, I'm hanging upside down"

then inaudible whispers...

"oh, come on poopoo, come out"

So I quickly grab a pen & paper and write this down because I'm cracking up and can't wait to share it : )

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1 comment:

Lindy said...

I wish I had a little microphone attatched to your children at all times! They are too funny!!

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