Friday, September 26, 2008

Pain in the neck!

Sometimes you just have one of those days, other times a few of those days pile up on you and it seems to become one of those weeks...well, I've had one.

I had 2 personal goals (tasks) this week and accomplished them (yeah!) The first was to finish Brinley's 2nd dress but I decided to go with a different one (little cowgirls) than the Halloween print I had ready to go and made it into a shirt, rather than a dress so she could wear it this weekend to her cousin's birthday party. I had a reluctant model...

I got brave and put a little border on the bottom this time. I also used a different technique/measurements for the arm holes, which didn't turn out as well as I hoped but I don't think that's visible. Now I still have to finish the Halloween one soon!
This was my 2nd goal - spiced pumpkins softies! They are soft cookie, similar to a pumpkin muffin I make, but they have an orange cream cheese icing on them. I wasn't sure I would like the icing but I do - they're yummy! This tub is going to my mom and the other is going to my MIL's house.
Okay, onto the "pain in the neck" part...I feel we've been super busy this week. We've been running errands, going to gym, doctor's appointment. I've cooked, baked and sewed and we've all had colds so Brinley has been extra whiny plus the kids have not had great naps this week. I haven't napped all week (I know this sounds pathetic, but I'm pregnant and have a child who wakes me up on an almost nightly basis & sometimes I can't get back to sleep) Anyway, I'm just plain worn out.

Also I'm getting all the laundry caught up so I can pack everyone for our trip home to Texas this afternoon. So, when my husband (who normally studies all evening) sits down on the couch last night to watch football (yes, I know - huge game, Big USC upset) while I pick up toys, give Brin her bath, get both kids ready & put them to bed, ice cookies, fold clothes, MISS Grey's Anatomy...well, I had to bite my tongue.

Then he goes to bed, I get ready to go but get this - he has Grey's Anatomy on!! with 10 minutes left. Well, this is where I lose it. "Turn it" I tell him, "I've missed 2 hours, I don't want to see the end". Well, he doesn't, so I go to the couch. That's where I fell asleep until about 2:30 I hear Ben going out into the garage! Apparently he couldn't find me so went to see if my car was in the garage. Like I leave in the middle of the night all the time - lol! But I did feel super guilty for not being in my bed where I should be so I put Ben to bed and fall asleep with him -twin bed. So between my 2 "beds" last night I have a super bad pain in my neck!!

In my husband's defense he tells me, this morning, "I was turning Grey's, just not fast enough for you" but I think I gave him ample time before I went to the couch. And apparently he really did think I would want to watch it...I guess he was trying. I was probably still a little hurt because he missed the sonogram.

Okay, to end this marathon gripe fest on a more positive note...I can watch Grey's (and 90210) another time thanks to dvr, my wonderful kids are feeling better and have already made me laugh today!, my little "pea in the pod" is growing, my husband did pack his own bag this morning (and thank you Jennifer for your blog on marriage vows : ) sometimes we need reminders) and we are going home to Texas for the weekend!

So, I wish ya'll a Happy Weekend, too!!

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Jennifer said...

Hope you had a good weekend in TX. I'm headed to Dallas Th-Sat for a MOPS convention. CAN'T WAIT!

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