Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Success, finally

Hello...my name is Cindi and I cannot cook.
I don't even like to (baking is another thing) but I try - I really do but there are only a few things I make well so trying a new recipe for dinner is a big risk. Dinner is a constant source of stress for me. My husband has even requested that I stop trying...and I do for awhile but I find something I think I can manage and make the leap. This was the case last night, and actually over the weekend and surprisingly everything turned out!! Finally...success!
I made pumpkin pancakes over the weekend (served with always yummy sausage roll) and he liked them, I wasn't that impressed, but if he likes them I'll make them again. Then last night I made chicken tortellini soup which really hit the spot because everyone in my house has the sniffles (lots of "domestic engineer" points for me, having hot homemade soup ready for my sick husband) then the kids and I worked on this little guy you see below... well, his eyes slid down because I put them on too soon and a leg broke off but he's a spider (in case you couldn't tell). It was really an easy project but I kinda messed up the first batch of chocolate (I get so nervous anytime I have to melt chocolate, I don't know why) but luckily I had extra. It's a marshmallow with pretzel legs (you can also use twizzlers) covered in chocolate with sprinkles for a Halloween flair and red hots for eyes for a spooky effect. Having done it once, I hope to make them "prettier" next time and I will warn you...messy to eat, especially for the kids.
My next project...a cookie called "spiced pumpkin softies" but no real food on the agenda, I would like to enjoy my success for awhile : )

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Allison said...

Trust me, you're better at it than I am. It's also a constant source of stress for me too and I never feel like anything is good enough. I'm still jealous of your baking talents.

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