Monday, September 29, 2008

Party Animals

We had lots of fun this weekend. Saturday we went to my nephew's birthday party then onto a "campfire" Ben called it-cookout (hotdogs & marshmallows) at my brother in law's new house. I have lots of pictures so I had to choose a just a few to post...

Brinley feeding her daddy a cupcake, so cute! She had 2 cupcakes (mostly the top) AND a piece of cake! At parties I just let them eat & drink whatever - that's what parties are for.
Top, left to right - Bryce, his little sis & dad. Bottom row- his mom & brother. We don't usually get a picture of just them so I had to share it!
Okay, this is an odd little picture but funny so I had to include it. The guys were roasting hot dogs and trying to keep their distance from the fire (it was hot). I love the way Ben looks so peaceful resting on Bryce's back.
Not sure why their hands are out ...but it's cute anyway.
The Super Heroes ...and Brinley.
By this point it's way past their bedtime...but that's how we party animals roll- lol!

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Lindy said...

My favorite is Ben with the marshmallow! Its so funny when he poses.....and Brinley top is adorable!

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