Thursday, September 25, 2008


First, I need to vent...I had an appointment for bloodwork at my OB's office before my sonogram (next door at the hospital). I had the first appointment of the day - on purpose - and showed up 14 minutes early (whew, can't believe I managed that!) and they made me wait... and wait...You think they would want me gone because Brinley was crying but finally I had to tell them I have to go to my sonogram so I need to go back or offered to come back later.
Now, for those of you who don't know - I've worked for a few different doctors so I really am understanding but I was the first person there and didn't even need to see the doctor!
So about 20 minutes after my appt. (I had been there 34 minutes) they gave me my chart -oh, and that's another thing...they couldn't find what I was there for, I had to tell them. So, chart in hand I had to go back and thank goodness it was over quickly after that because then we got to go to admitting at the hospital and wait...where the lady had me sign a form so the radiologist could read the results and Ben so expertly informed her "my daddy can do that - he's a radiologist" she ignores him so he repeats himself until she acknowledges him and I clarify he works at another hospital and Ben adds "he works at the 'q-er' hospital" (no, not queer, Q- er that's what Ben calls the OU emblem and the letter Q) she then kind of ignores him again then onto Radiology to wait awhile...Anyway......Here's the baby!
My placenta is doing well, no longer "low" and thank goodness 'cause I've been picking up all kinds of stuff - kids, my big limo stroller, tool bag, sewing get the picture. And the baby is still measuring to be due February 21st or 23rd instead of March but I still have to wait to see the doctor next week and let her make the decision to change the "official" due date. The baby looked good to me, weighs about 10 oz. and is over 6 in. long (estimate of course) but we have to let the Radiologist read it before we have the "official" results - haha!

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Allison said...

AH! So cute! And I'm totally laughing at Ben's comment about his daddy and the Q hospital. That's too funny. And Jenna has a picture that looks just like that (ok I'm sure they all do) but my official guess now is girl. And I can't believe you're going to make me wait 22 or however more weeks to find out! Ok, I've said enough! :)

Lindy said...

I wish I could be a little birdie on Ben's shoulder.....the things he says are too funny!!

Jennifer said...

Glad today went well (aside from the wait). Can't believe you're not finding out what you're having. I could NEVER do that!
Aren't you dying with anticipation??

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