Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

We, of course, spent our weekend in Texas - not doing much, just hanging out with family. Here's a few pics...
Brinley found this hat in "her" room and loved to put it on and jump on the bed. She's so funny.
Here is one of Ben & Pawpaw about to take a ride to check out the pasture.
Here I am today at 14 weeks, but according to my last sonogram I may actually be a little further along. We're waiting for the next sonogram to see if my due date will change. And I know...not a great picture, or the coolest shirt but I got it for $4 and it's long enough to cover my belly for awhile : )

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Allison said...

LOVE that shirt! Where did you get that? Cute pics, but I need to see a full on belly shot! (I bet your sister is cringing at me saying that...)

Lindy said...

Brinley's hair is a! And my chin was bruised from Ben's head....

Cindi said...

Well, her hair was bath fresh but a lot of good that did after the hat and jumping around!
Allison, you like the shirt because you can't see the surfer dude in the middle of it- lol! But I got it in the loungewear at JCPenney. And I'll try to work up the courage to post a full belly shot : )

Jennifer said...

Lookin' good mama!
Sounds like you had a fun holiday weekend.

Hate it when they can't tell you for sure if it's a boy/girl. I got so annoyed that I had a 4D done.

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