Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bowen ~ 1 month

Bowen is 1 month old today!
He is awake and alert more often. He still eats and sleeps well and doesn't cry unless he needs some attention or has an occasional upset tummy.
I still think he looks the most like Bryce from all our kids...we'll see if this holds true as he grows :) I know I got Brin in this first picture so I took a couple more (he slumped in those) and then this happened...
Giant spit up!
(I somehow captured it as I was moving to grab him - go figure!)

I won't zoom in because I don't want to scare anyone...this precious baby has some major neonatal acne! No kidding - worst I've ever seen.

Anyway after cleaning him, the couch & bear we called the photo session over.

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Melisa said...

He is so cute!! Jaden had SUCH bad acne as a baby! I have soooo been there! Calet was my spit upper though. And Daven just constantly cried. Fun times!

Allison said...

Wow - has it already been a month already? It's crazy to think how fast it goes! And you remember Jenna's bad acne and cradle cap, don't you?

Jessi said...

Bowen is so handsome! I can't get over just HOW BIG that bear is (but then Jenna's bear seemed big when she was Bowen's size, too). And I'm with you...of course, I've only seen pictures of Bryce, but I think Bowen sure does resemble his daddy (a lot). :-)

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