Wednesday, March 25, 2009

P90X dropout ?

I'm not doing too well...I missed my 2nd workout!

It's not that I don't want to do it but I'm having trouble finding the opportunity. The plan was to get up early - not happening with this sleep deprived mommy! So Bryce said he would do his workout in the morning then when he gets home, I could do mine...again, hasn't happened yet.

Then stuff like this happens :
I just dropped Ben off at school and I'm taking Brin to gym class then...
Ben's soccer coach calls, it's sunny - impromptu pictures (they were cancelled last game) and practice 6 pm. Hmm, okay - guess I better fix his hair that he took a snip out of this morning, lol.

Pick Ben up, go home, nurse Bowen, do dishes, check email, fold clothes, pick up toys, then get ready to go to soccer field.

Get there, it's cold & windy but sunny :) and somehow our 6:15 picture time turns into 7pm, so we get home about 7:30.

The kids finish their food (we got Sonic on the way home - another strike against me), Bryce starts his workout, I give the kids a bath then lotion them, change & nurse Bowen while repeatedly telling them to put their pj's on, Bowen finally finishes so we brush teeth/potty and read bedtime stories.

Bryce is done with his workout, reads them one more story and puts them to bed. I give Bowen a bath (he has grass on him from the soccer field) and Bryce showers.

Bryce reads, I go dig Brin's "heffys" out of the trash bags (another post) because she's crying, Bryce goes to soothe Ben who is crying for some reason. I again nurse & soothe Bowen (he gets kinda crabby in the evening, prob from the stress levels in my house-lol) while I post pics to my blog.

Bowen's asleep.
I change/brush my teeth/wash my face and give up on working out because it's after 10 pm.

So, I may not be an official dropout yet...It's not that I'm not motivated (Bryce) because I do want to "get ripped" and ready for the summer -lol...I just gotta figure out a schedule/arrangement to do it.

but I am a little sore from the half a workout I got to do this week :)

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Allison said...

I think you probably a get a great workout just from all 3 kiddos. I wouldn't worry too much over it! Hey, at least, we're not at the beach this time this year!!!

Trisha said...

That day sounds like a workout to me! Good grief!

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