Sunday, March 8, 2009

Busy weekend = lots of pics!

We had visitors and a busy weekend with lots of firsts!
Ben had his first soccer practice Friday and then his first game Saturday. His coach was impressed and couldn't believe he had never played before.
Here he is warming up with the coach before the game. Once the game started, he was the first one to get the ball! They all did great (with some direction from Coach Rusty) and it was so fun to watch and cheer them on.

And it was just as much fun watching Bryce on the sideline, ready with water and orange slices...

and some words of advice.

An ugly collision :(
but they were okay!

They lost 2-3, but he enjoyed a much deserved juice anyway.
Okay, this one is a little out of order but...I finally got to jump on the trampoline (a first) and my sister caught this funny shot of me & Ben.

A quick family photo before the game - Bowen was camera shy I guess.

Later that afternoon, we flew the kites that Aunt Lindy got for the kids.
It was Brinley's first time and she thought it was so cool (well, for about 5 minutes anyway, haha).

We flew them in the open lots by our house.

Aunt Lindy helping Ben get his going.
On Sunday we attended a new church that a fellow resident invited us to - Bryce's idea to get up and ready for church after the time change, not mine, but we made it on time.
Tell me if it's just me but...I feel weird about leaving my kids in a Sunday school class when I don't know the people. It freaks me out!
Anyway the kids got to go up and present the church with money (change) they've been collecting for missions so my kids joined them and they were passing the microphone, giving them the opportunity to speak..well, little Ben felt the need to. He said "we can help" which cracked us (and several others) up - I couldn't believe it. Here he was in a completely new environment, only 3 kids spoke and he was one of them - how brave!
Some things we liked about the church, others we didn't - not sure if we'll be back to that one or just try another...which is a little awkward because I really liked the family that invited us (we had lunch with them after the service). We've lived here over 8 months and finally socialized with another family - a sad, sad first.
This afternoon Bryce did a great job cleaning out the garage :) Not a first but his motivation? Making himself a workout area, complete with a tv for his P90X videos!

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Allison said...

Cute pics!!! Love the soccer ones and you jumping on the tramponline! Ben is soooo funny - he's going to make a perfect husband for lil J. :)

--oh, and I was going to say we've never left Jenna in the church nursery the times we've been. We were both saying how we would feel weird too - but it's also different that your kids are old enough to talk and tell you what happened.

Bea said...

Cindi, I'm looking for a church too and it's such a difficult process. It's even harder when J can't come with me because he's working. I am not good about going alone, being the young alone pregnant woman who's clearly new. No one judges and every church has been gracious and friendly towards me, but it's still so hard to do alone. I'm glad I'm not the only one going through this!

And I totally agree about the discomfort with putting your kid in a church nursery. I'm not sure I'll be able to do it when the baby's here, although I know I'll get nasty looks if she's crying during the sermon. We'll see :)

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