Thursday, March 26, 2009

Man Eyes

In our house Bryce often uses his "man eyes" to look, declare it's not there ... then I have to look and actually find it.

I just realized today men really are just born this way & can't help themselves...Case in Point:

Ben, in the pantry "mommy, where are the goldfish?"

Me, folding clothes "hang on honey, I'll get them in a minute".

Ben occupies himself by stacking the babyfood in the pantry.

Brinley, walks up behind Ben "there they are."

Ben "where?"

Brinley "right there" pointing to a bag about, no lie, a foot from his face!

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Melisa said...

AHHHH!!! SO TRUE!! I say this to Brad a hundred times a day. He'll ask me where something is and without even looking I'll know. Or if I do have to look, it takes me all of 3 seconds. So then when I say he's a terrible 'looker' he'll say, "I found you, didn't I." Can't argue with that logic. ;o)

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