Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bricktown lunch

Oops...these are a little late.
Sunday we had a fun lunch in Bricktown before Bryce headed off to work and Nece, Pawpaw & Brookie left town.
The kitchen towel tied around Ben's neck is his "bandana" but don't ask me about the goofy face or quirky pose...??? lol Normally I don't let them play with their food, but I think Aunt Brookie actually started this...

And Pawpaw joined them :)

The balloon artist came by
(who wasn't really a clown but was kinda creepy anyway)
Brinley wanted a kitty...

Ben trying to blow up a balloon

He ordered a bunny.

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Allison said...

HOw fun!!

And OMG - you got Brinley the Gap sunflower outfit! Is it from the outlet or last year? Either way - that's a hot line and you can definitely make some $$$ off that one. It's such a cute outfit! (Just a little weird FYI from the clothing obsessed one.)

Allison said...

and ummmm...is it weird that I just noticed her Mediterannean shoes. Do you have the matching dress to that? That was a hot one too.

Cindi said...

Allison, you're so funny!
The clothes were gifts from Nece, I think she did some Gap Outlet shopping before coming.

Brin has the shirt & shorts that match the mediterannean shoes but she wanted to wear them with the sunflowers - lol, let's hope her fashion sense improves :)

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